A blockchain tech beginner course offered at Singapore Polytechnic, due to demand

24 Dec, 2018
by Colin Hawkins
A blockchain tech beginner course offered at Singapore Polytechnic, due to demand

This course is going to be offered starting February 2019, and was created to meet the rising demand for those with knowledge in Blockchain, according to The Strait Times, a Singapore news outlet.

This course is to focus on the introductory and beginner aspects of blockchain. It will focus on creating crypto, setting up and developing blockchain systems and smart contracts. Although these are introductory aspects of blockchain tech, the content being taught is a good segway into deeper blockchain, and is just technical enough to ensure those taking the class are really interested in everything blockchain. In order to even be selected to enroll for the program you must have a similar degree, understand coding language, and pass a mandatory online quiz, with a score of 75% or higher.

The instructor to guide the students interested in blockchain is Dr. Ernie Teo. Teo’s credentials include being a research scientist for IBM’s Center for Blockchain Innovation in Singapore. The classes are planned to consist of three hour sessions that occur on weekdays in the evenings. A big six hour session is planned to be held every saturday for two months. The total time spent in the course is to total 120 hours and can cost up to $1,284 or as little as $284, depending on various factors such as age, income, etc. Those outside of Singapore are expected to pay $4,280 for the course.

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