Market remains strong, with most coins still seeing green

23 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 23 Dec, 2018
by David Borman
Market remains strong, with most coins still seeing green

The market is still showing considerable strength as the weekend wears down. The majority of coins are still sporting positivve growth, with only a few exceptions, and Bitcoin seems to be holding aabout the $4,000 level.

Coin Market Cap/Bitcoin Dominance

Current market capitalization is at $134,087,402,702, and has been holding reasonably steady. Bitcoin dominance has dipped only slightly to 52.1%

Current price of Bitcoin: $4,004.84.

Top 10

Out of the top 10 coins, the biggest gains were seen in Ethereum (ETH), up an impressive 13.39% to $129.16. Not too far behind we see EOS up 9.09% to $2.82. No coins out of the top ten were in the red, however slowest growth was from Bitcoin SV (BSV) up just 0.23% to $107.02.

Biggest Winners/Losers

Moving beyond the top 10, we see a very impressive 30.86% upswing from DigixDAO (DGD) to land at $21.63. Though not a lot of coins had downside, there was a notable slip from Chain (CRO) down -9.25% to $0.03.

Overall it seems to be an optimistic time for the market. If we can stay stable/continue growth, we may just gain a little of what we lost before years end! Fingers crossed!

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