Brazilian supermarket chain accepts BTC, BCH and LTC payments

22 Dec, 2018
by Alberto Arnaldo
Brazilian supermarket chain accepts BTC, BCH and LTC payments

Oasis Supermercados announced on Tuesday that they will be accepting payments in cryptocurrencies from their customers, on their Rio de Janeiro shops.

Both Brazilians and tourists alike will be able to pay for their groceries using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash will be accepted on the tills of the supermarket, according to an administrator who spoke with local crypto media portaldobitcoin:

It’s just too easy, the same as with credit card. The customer says which cryptocurrency they want to pay with, the clerk types in Brazilian reals and the system converts the amount to crypto. Then you get the QR and you are done”.

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The administrator says he got the idea from his brother and from a former employee who introduced them to cryptocurrency.

Although the payment system has not been used many times yet, he confesses that they have already received petitions to start accepting other cryptos, such as Nano.

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