Market jumps over $10 billion as 98% of top coins see green, BTC over $3,500

18 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 18 Dec, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Price Action
Market jumps over $10 billion as 98% of top coins see green, BTC over $3,500

The total market cap took a huge reverse yesterday after reaching support at $103 billion market cap. The inevitable looked bound to happen as the market continued to slump to new lows. However, a change in fortune has seen the last 12 hours pump the market cap by over $10 billion. 

Bitcoin was the most notable of the coins, seeing a jump of over 7% on the day. BTC climbed from $3,500 to over $3,500 pushing onto the next leg of resistance at $3,600. 

Just about every coin in the top 100 sees green today with the most notable being EOS, which was up 21.43% on the day 

Image from Gyazo

Most altcoins in the top 100 saw massive jumps in price as the total market cap climbed to a new weekly high of $115 billion. Overall market sentiment triggered a huge buy off in coins as price surged to new weekly highs across the board. 

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The green day comes following the news that CNBC's Brian Kelly admitted to shorting BTC after being called the "Uber-Bull" of BTC. Most twitter users took the news as a sign that the bottom is in, considering nothing that the mainstream media reports ever appears to be accurate. 

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Hopefully the market can rally a bit more before 2019. This may just be a relief rally before we see more btc blood. 

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