Green on the top 100 coins, market cap drifts away from $100BN

17 Dec, 2018
by Alberto Arnaldo
Price Action
Green on the top 100 coins, market cap drifts away from $100BN

Over the last few of hours fiat has been flowing into the cryptocurrency markets, allowing market capitalization to get some distance with the $100 billion mark.

EOS and LTC are currently the best performers out of the top 10 according to coinmarketcap, up about 10% and 8%, respectively:

If only 17 hours ago Chepicap reported on market cap increasing in $4 billion from weekend lows that left it close to $100 billion, now cryptocurrencies have increased in valuation another $4.5 billion. The metric representing the price of all coins times their circulating supply sits now back at $109 billion, closing up on weekly highs.

At publishing time, Bitcoin is valued at $3,438, having climbed almost 5% over the last 24 hours, having left behind the 3,300 – 3,400 range that it had been straddling for the past 3 days. A short breakdown of the $3,200 mark on Saturday which failed to gain traction evidenced signs of bear exhaustion.

The best performer of the day so far has been Revain, packing up a serious 54% increase. Revain has over performed the market during the last 3 months, with a BTC price increase from 0.000017 all the way to its current valuation of 0.000053:

Its fiat valuation sits now close to $0.25, recovering ground from the $0.10 range but still far from the all-time high of more than $3 that it reached last February.

TenX is the coin with the largest loses, currently close to 10%. Only 7 coins are in red out of the top 100 at writing time, and 2 of them are stablecoins.

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