Can Bitcoin retain $3k line? Sideways motion continues

16 Dec, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Price Action
Can Bitcoin retain $3k line? Sideways motion continues

The sideways market movement continues over the weekend, with the crypto market having, for the most part, culled the bleeding while displaying no signs of any imminent breakaway successes.


Both BCH and BSV continue to drop, reversing their brief moment in the sun. Stellar continues to drop significantly. On the positive side, EOS is seeing some consistent gains, but notably has come under fire recently, with investors predicting ( some imminent for the blockchain ecosystem underpinning the coin.


Bitcoin hasn’t showed much motion, hovering around $3,200 for the past 24 hours. While this isn’t particularly exciting for anyone looking to make back their crypto fortune, Bitcoin enthusiasts will note that BTC hasn’t plummeted below the $3,000 line which many were worried about, and may end up holding through the holidays.

Overall Market

Generally, the market continues its slow bleed, having lost $7 Billion over the past four days, but this downturn is slowing as Bitcoin in particular, and many significant altcoins, finding a bottom (at least for now). Total market cap hovers around $102 Billion for the past day and a half.

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