IOTA's new partnerships: Audi and NEXT Biometrics

14 Dec, 2018
by Alberto Arnaldo
IOTA's new partnerships: Audi and NEXT Biometrics

Over the last 24 hours, Audi's Denkwerkstatt think tank and NEXT Biometrics announced partnerships with Berlin-based open-source DLT project IOTA, adding up to a growing list of alliances increasing the potential use cases of the token.

Adding up to the likes of Fujitsu and Volkswagen, Audi and fingerprint sensor company NEXT Biometrics have announced partnerships with IOTA.

NEXT Biometrics will develop IoT solutions integrating NEXT’s fingerprint sensor technology and IOTA’s open-source protocol. This will materialize in an integration of IOTA into several of NEXT’s products.

In the words of Alain Faburel, sales and marketing responsible of NEXT: 'We look forward to collaborating with IOTA towards developing new standards for safe, convenient identification for the IoT market. Combining IOTA Foundation’s standards for interactions between IoT devices and our secure biometric sensors will enable safe transactions across a multitude of IoT applications'.

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Holger Köther , director of partnerships at IOTA, added: 'The integration of IOTA into NEXT Biometrics sensors is a key step to build solutions that enable safe, effective user identification at the device level. Together these solutions will provide digital trust as we move towards the Internet of Everything'.

With regards to Audi, the collaboration was announced by venture development manager Malte Schönfeld on a LinkedIn post. Schönfeld, from the Audi Denkwerkstatt think-tank, shared his satisfaction about the outcomes of the work shared with IOTA team over the last 5 months. However, the specific application of their partnership was not specified: 'With the focus on enabling trust for the user in emobility we pushed a new use case to reality. Stay tuned for further information'.

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Price seemingly reacted on the news, as it appears on the following chart for the last 24 hours, extracted from coinmarketcap. When both announcements picked up traction, IOTA spiked up to 20%, just to go back below its level previous to the rally after a couple hours of excitement.

Reddit showed interest on the announcements, with opinions on both sides:



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