LinkedIn’s 2018 emerging jobs report puts blockchain dev on top of the list

14 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 14 Dec, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
LinkedIn’s 2018 emerging jobs report puts blockchain dev on top of the list

Blockchain skills are on top of the most wanted skills in 2018, according to LinkedIn's Emerging Jobs Report. 

The ongoing crypto market crash doesn’t affect the interest people have on blockchain technology, at least according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs Report.

Published on December 13th, the report aims to help LinkedIn users, particularly in the US to “make informed decisions” about their career by providing an insight of the jobs and skills that are growing rapidly around the country within this year alone.

The professional social media platform analyzed the roles companies are hiring for, the skills related to them, as well as the roles that have emerged over the last five years from their Economic Graph data before finally coming up with the list.

On top of the list is Blockchain Developer that’s growing by 33 times compared to last year, with Solidity, blockchain, Ethereum, cryptocurrency and Node.js as the most demanded skills.

Location-wise, San Fransisco, New York City, and Atlanta are the cities that have the highest demand for the role, while company-wise, IBM, ConsenSys and Chainyard are listed as the top hiring companies.

Machine Learning engineer with Deep Learning,  Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Apache Spark and Natural Language Processing skills comes at second place with companies like Apple, Intel and NVIDIA as the top recruiters. The role is growing by 12 times compared to last year, which is pretty far behind the blockchain developer role’s growth.

No matter how good a solution or an application is, it won’t do much if no one is using it. That’s probably why Application Sales Executive role is highly sought after. The role is growing by 8 times this year, which puts it on the last position of the top 3 of the most emerging jobs in 2018.

The most wanted application sales executive must at least have the Software as a Service, Cloud Applications, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Solution skills on their belt in order to be able to secure the vacancies from companies, such as Oracle, AT&T and Avaya.

Regardless the current market situation, blockchain technology, including cryptocurrency is growing, although as LinkedIn said, “Only time will tell if blockchain will be a long-standing trend in the job market.”

Educational institutions are aware of this, which is shown by a report that stated that 42% of the top 50 universities in the world are offering courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

While another LinkedIn's report this year also included 4 crypto startups in their 2018 Top Startups list, as reported previously by Chepicap.

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