Almost 90% of addresses that hold Bitcoin contain less than $340

12 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 13 Dec, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Almost 90% of addresses that hold Bitcoin contain less than $340

In a recent analysis by digital asset research firm Delphi in New York, 22.9 million Bitcoin addresses were found which currently hold Bitcoin. Quite surprisingly, almost 90% of these Bitcoin addresses hold less than one-tenth of a BTC, which represents less than $340.

According to TNW, 80% of addresses holding Bitcoin contain less than $100, and nearly 11.5 million addresses contain less than $3.40 (0.001 BTC).

That shows that 80% of Bitcoin addresses own less BTC than it takes to buy a ticket to a Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Las Vegas. Trust me, a Queen concert  is always worth the money.

50% of Bitcoin addresses don't hold enough BTC to use at a Starbucks to order themselves a Latte.

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1.5 million Bitcoin addresses with over $1,000 in BTC, account for almost 7 percent of all Bitcoin addresses, while there are only 588 addresses that hold more than $10 million worth of BTC.

Currently, addresses that hold between 1 and 100 BTC own almost 35% of the circulating Bitcoin, while the 'whales' are the Bitcoin addresses with balances ranging from 100,000 BTC to 1,000,000 BTC, which represent ownership of just over 3% of the total BTC supply.

Don't forget, always back up your wallet! Nomatter how much you are holding, you don't want to lose it. Unless it really is less than $3 ... maybe then just forget about it!

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