Weiss Ratings says it's a good time to buy BTC and crypto is here to stay

12 Dec, 2018
by David Borman
Weiss Ratings says it's a good time to buy BTC and crypto is here to stay

Recently, Invest In Blockchain has reported that the team of researchers at Weiss Ratings have become fairly vocal that this has become a good time to purchase Bitcoin. They feel the upcoming institutional markets will lead the next Bitcoin bull run.

It's no seceret that this has been a rough year for cryptocurrency. The price of Bitcoin is down to the tune of 83%, with the rest of the market in a similar funk. It may or may not be surprising to some, then, that Weiss Ratings recently tweeted the following:

For anyone savvy in investing and who has faith in crypto, it is obvious that this dip has been a blessing. In December of last year many were saying if only the price would go down, they would buy in. Well, it seems that's exactly what Weiss is suggesting.

The team at Weiss strongly feels that in the coming year it will be institutional endeavors which lead the next crypto bull run. In the article lead analyst at Weiss Ratings, Dr. Bruce Ng, is quoted:

"It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Bakkt will NOT open the floodgates for large institutions to buy crypto. And the consequences are potentially far-reaching."

While this news should not be construed as advice, it is always nice to hear positive sentiment coming from the Financial Rating community. Until the next bull run, stick with Chepicap for all your price action news!

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