Samsung Galaxy S10 won't have a crypto wallet, despite "rumors and speculation"

11 Dec, 2018
by David Robb
Samsung Galaxy S10 won't have a crypto wallet, despite rumors and speculation

Samsung has gone some way to refuting rumors about its new smartphone model, the Galaxy S10. There was some talk that it would incorporate a cryptocurrency wallet, but this is apparently unfounded.

In a private correspondence with CoinTelegraph, the electronics giant said that "we are unable to provide any information as the below is rumour and speculation.". This was responding to claims that a cold storage solution for cryptos would be integrated into the Galaxy S10 handset.

The suggestion came to light on Samsung community news sharing site SamMobile. It had emerged that the Korean company filed for three separate EU trademarks, entitled 'Blockchain KeyStore,' 'Blockchain key box' and 'Blockchain Core', respectively. All three were filed under the trademark category 'Smartphones; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application.' This led members of the community to prematurely confirm that the next handset would have a crypto wallet.

One of Samsung's leading competitors in the smartphone market, HTC, is the most high-profile manufacturer to enter the crypto space, with its upcoming Exodus 1 phone. It will feature an integrated crypto wallet, as well as running BAT's decentralized Brave web browser by default.

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