KuCoin drop massive ONOT trading competition for December including a Maserati SUV

11 Dec, 2018
KuCoin drop massive ONOT trading competition for December including a Maserati SUV

KuCoin have announced their latest trading competition with the recent addition of ONO. ONO ($ONOT) is a social network based on blockchain technology which focuses on the value of attention and offers a free, decentralised social platform to a new generation of users. 

The $ONOT trading competition will see a total prize pool including 3 btc, 147,000,000 $ONOT and a brand new Maserati Levante SUV. 

The top trader by total accrued volume on $ONOT pairs, will walk away with $22,000 in $ONOT and 0.45 BTC, as well as the possibility of walking away with the Maserati Levante SUV subject to conditions. 

The competition is the first in a while that sees the prize pool offering a motor vehicle, which was the norm back in 2017. The Maserati is a great draw card to the competition, however the fine print indicates that winning the car will probably be the hardest part for the top trader. KuCoin stipulates that the top traders account will be screenshot and if the user does not hold 600 million $ONOT tokens, then the car prize is void. Just to be clear, KuCoin expect the top trader to not only smash the trading volume, but they also expect the trader to hold 600,000,000 $ONOT tokens valued at 5 satoshis each currently, would require the winner to hold roughly 30 BTC (roughly $105,000) in $ONOT to be eligible to win the Maserati as well.

With the types of whales playing these trading games, that is certainly not impossible.

Image from Gyazo

The competition has already begun and will conclude on 18 December 24:00 UTC+8. 

At this current time, the leader of the competition has traded 14520269.3631 $ONOT

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