Is crypto the solution to 'Gilet Jaunes' protests in France ?

10 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 14 Dec, 2018
by Manon Bridou-Koenig
Is crypto the solution to 'Gilet Jaunes' protests in France ?

France and especially Paris, has seen four consecutive weekends of demonstrations against fuel tax rises, high living costs and other social issues. On Saturday approximatively 125,000 protesters took to the streets, with more than 1,200 taken into custody. President Emmanuel Macron is expected to announce anti-crisis measures in an address to the nation today.

The riots are a result of increased taxes on commodities and services for the average French citizen. The government has also taxed Bitcoin in the country and is bearing in mind a tax of 30% on all gains on cryptocurrency.

Some protesters were wearing yellow vests with the words ‘Buy Bitcoin.’

The realization of Bitcoin’s value has started with an adoption by European citizens, showing the failure with the traditional government controlling fiat and banking systems.

Bitcoin could become more adopted in France in the nearest future in the wake of those recent events.

As Chepicap reported last month, thousands of French tobacco shops will start selling bitcoin in the coming year.

Observers on Twitter were reacting after Saturday demonstration :


Is Crypto the solution for France ?

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