HTC is making BAT-enabled Brave its default browser

09 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 11 Dec, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
HTC is making BAT-enabled Brave its default browser

HTC has announced that it will use Brave, which uses Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), as its default browser for upcoming smartphones. This news follows a number of announcements which show HTC is attempting to integrate cryptocurrency into its leading smartphone line.

The BAT model is a new type of cryptocurrency which is designed to monitor user attention in order to serve marketing research and advertisement purposes. HTC’s decision to use Brave as their default browser, which has BAT capabilities baked in, follows HTC’s announcement of a new blockchain enabled phone, the Exodus 1, which boasts crypto storage and trading capabilities.

Brave is a browser built off of open source Chrome which is designed to incentivize the viewing of ads. According to CNET, Brave integrates advertising directly into the browser, and takes a cut of advertising payments while passing on a portion to users in the form of BAT cryptocurrency. The goal is to incentivize users to engage or at least tolerate ads, which are easily avoidable through the use of ad-blocking software. Brave also allows users to ‘tip’ content providers and services they like with crypto.

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These features not only provide an interesting use-case for cryptocurrency, but also represent an attempt to update the way advertising works on the web. HTC’s decision to integrate the browser into their smartphone is a large gain for Brave’s adoption. For crypto efforts like Brave, it is essential that the majority of people who aren’t necessarily crypto enthusiasts are able to access and use services based on crypto. While HTC’s blockchain phone is still a niche product, because Brave could provide advertisers with increased revenue, and incentivize users to browse with ads enabled, Brave might very well find a solid consumer base.

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