Roger Ver says BCH lawsuit is "attacking the very foundations of the internet"

08 Dec, 2018
by David Robb
Roger Ver says BCH lawsuit is attacking the very foundations of the internet

Bitcoin Cash figurehead Roger Ver has responded to the news of a lawsuit being filed against him, Bitmain and other supporters of the ABC fork. He claims that "lawsuits against open source software developers for writing code...are attacking the very foundations of the internet".

Earlier in the week, it emerged that a Miami-based organization called UnitedAmericanCorp was suing Ver, Chinese mining giant and major BCH supporter Bitmain, BTC exchange Kraken, and others. The lawsuit is claiming that they were part of a scheme to take control of Bitcoin Cash for personal gain, and that this caused severe damage to the network.

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Ver posted his initial response to the legal action on Twitter. His tweet was accompanied by a picture of Craig S. Wright, suggesting that he believes the BCH SV founder is behind this and he sees the legal action as nothing more than a continuation of the hash war by other means. 

Observers on Twitter had a mixed response. While some were supportive of Ver, and there is very little love out there for 'Faketoshi' and his nefarious activities, many also accused Ver of being slightly hypocritical, as BCH was initially founded from a contentious chain split of the original BTC blockchain.

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