"The writing may have been on the wall" - "fired" ConsenSys employee

08 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 08 Dec, 2018
by Richard Allen
The writing may have been on the wall - fired ConsenSys employee

Joe Lubin’s blockchain startup ConsenSys recently announced that it layed off 13% of its staff to ensure its long-term survivability. Now, one anonymous person claiming they were just fired from ConsenSys took to Reddit yesterday to answer any questions the community might have.

According to the former employee, going by the username u/GotCannedTA, they were told the reason for their firing was because they hadn't successfully turned potential growth into profits.

When asked about the working culture at ConsenSys, GotCannedTA explained that the working culture “was confusing, sometimes toxic” and overall “like no other professional setting I’ve encountered.”

GotCannedTA also explained that the company didn’t follow a traditional hierarchical approach, instead favoring more democratic decision making that allowed employees to be more flexible in their roles. However, this wasn’t always effective. “Our remote first culture and emphasis on electronic communication could sometimes lead to toxicity, as egos can be emphasized or challenged in strange ways through these tools versus face to face communication and work.”

According to the former employee, the best part of working at ConsenSys was the flexibility. They were afforded unlimited vacation time, for example. Despite this, most US employees apparently took less than two weeks. Employees are also allowed to work remotely and had the ability to shape their roles themselves.

Ultimately, u/GotCannedTA explained that, with hindsight, “the writing may have been on the all” with regards to the layoffs. There were spending pauses and team downsizing in the months prior.

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