Bitcoin Cash will soon be available to trade on Gemini

07 Dec, 2018
by David Borman
Bitcoin Cash will soon be available to trade on Gemini

Eric Winer recently announced on the Gemini Medium blog that as of Monday, the exchange will begin listing pairings for Bitcoin Cash. This will be the fifth coin supported by Gemini, alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Zcash.

Gemini will begin accepting deposits at 09:30AM ET this Saturday and formal trading will commence at 1PM on Monday. They offered a chart to display which pairings/services will be available:

BCH pairs

In their post, Gemini make it clear that by Bitcoin Cash they are referring to the BCH ABC chain after the fork:

"At this time, we will only be providing support for the Bitcoin ABC network and we will be referring to it as Bitcoin Cash with ticker: BCH. We have added replay protection to all BCH withdrawals from the Gemini platform to ensure transactions are only valid on the Bitcoin ABC blockchain. Any cryptocurrency sent to Gemini over a blockchain that we do not support, such as Bitcoin SV (BSV), will be invalid and irrecoverable. We are continuing to evaluate Bitcoin SV over the coming weeks or months, and we may or may not choose to support withdrawals and/or trading of Bitcoin SV in the future."

This is very optimistic news for both Gemini users and Bitcoin Cash proponents alike. Will more listings be coming soon? Stick with Chepicap to find out!

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