"Siri, send XRP!": New tool offers custom voice commands for the Ripple community

07 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 07 Dec, 2018
by David Robb
Siri, send XRP!: New tool offers custom voice commands for the Ripple community

The Ripple community has succeeded in integrating the XRP token directly with the two most popular voice assistants, Alexa and Siri. Users can now create custom voice commands to control the XRP Tip Bot.

The Tip Bot is an app that allows users to more easily send or receive XRP. As reported back in November by the Daily Hodl, XRP developer Wietse Wind created an add-on that would enable the app to integrate with Alexa, Amazon's popular voice assistant. 

The community has now developed another solution that integrates XRP with the Apple iOS voice assistant, Siri. It makes use of Siri Shortcuts, a pre-existing feature that allows users to create custom voice commands.

So now users of XRP and either of these voice assistants can directly send and receive Ripple's popular crypto token through Tip Bot, as well as check their balance, just by using their voice.

This may seem like a minor development compared to Ripple's growing integration with major financial institutions, but innovations like this on the side of the everyday user are a major step towards adoption, and demonstrate the passion and commitment of the XRP community.

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