KFC will soon be accepting DASH payments in Venezuela

07 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 07 Dec, 2018
by David Robb
KFC will soon be accepting DASH payments in Venezuela

KFC is the latest major business in Venezuela to start accepting crypto payments. As reported by Forbes, the fried chicken giant will be supporting DASH payments in selected outlets from next week.

As Venezuela's economony struggles and the national Bolivar currency suffers from escalating hyper-inflation, cryptos have gained a serious foothold in the local market, particularly privacy coin DASH. It offers customers and vendors a more reliable payment method with much lower volatility as an asset. Over 2,000 merchants in the country now accept crypto, and KFC is the third major fast food chain to adopt DASH, after Subway and Papa John's started earlier in the year.

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KFC will begin by rolling out the DASH payment system in one restaurant in Caracas, before eventually expanding to 24 locations across the country.

"The dash movement is spreading and growing fast in Venezuela", said Alejandro Echeverría, the co-founder of Dash Help, Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Text, who has worked closely with KFC to enable its DASH adoption. "First it was food trucks and small family businesses that started to adopt dash for payments, now we're attracting more established businesses."

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