HTC introduces blockchain phone with one-of-a-kind crypto security feature

07 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 07 Dec, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
HTC introduces blockchain phone with one-of-a-kind crypto security feature

HTC released new blockchain phone, Exodus 1 that offers one-of-a-kind crypto-related features. 

Although this holiday may not be the right time to show off your love for crypto to your relatives, it is always the right time to spoil yourself with a gadget that makes your crypto activities like a breeze.

The electronics manufacturer, HTC showcased their first blockchain smartphone, Exodus 1 in a presentation at Slush 2018 event in Helsinki just recently.

According to Life Hacker, feature-wise, the new phone has similar features as those of other manufacturers' flagship phones. However, what makes it special is that it actually works on HTC’s blockchain network, while also enabling users to run dApps on it seamlessly at the same time.

Along with it, HTC also includes new wallet app, Zion crypto wallet that offers one-of-a-kind security system to perform crypto-related activities with high security. The wallet supports 3 different cryptocurrencies, which are Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

So, how much do you need to pay for the phone? Litecoin’s very own, Charlie Lee, who also serves as the advisor of HTC, tweeted that it is sold with a fixed price of 19.84 LTC.

Can't think of a special Christmas gift to cheer up yourself in the middle of the bear market? This new phone from HTC can be a great choice. 

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