Weeks after the hard fork- is BCH heading for a flippening?

07 Dec, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Price Action
Weeks after the hard fork- is BCH heading for a flippening?

The dramatic contest between BCH ABC and BCH SV was called early for ABC, but the hash war has turned into a protracted conflict, and the underdog SV is making significant gains on ABC, heading towards a possible flippening.

The dramatic events of the hash war are mostly in the rear view mirror for the crypto community, but the lasting winner of the hard fork is still up for grabs, with BSV rapidly gaining on BCH ABC, currently valued at around $100 and $115 respectively, according to Coinmarketcap.

The possibility of BSV coming out ahead after a protracted struggle against BCH ABC would reify claims by Calvin Ayre that the hash war would a marathon, and not a sprint. While ABC came out ahead at the beginning due to a large amount of rented hash power, BSV apparently still has committed supporters.

Nonetheless, there really is no winner even in the case of BSV overtaking ABC in value, given the fact that BCH was trading at around $600 before the fork. BCH ABC has more actual products, but BSV has seen some adoption by the likes of FiveBucks and MoneyButton services, according to CCN. CCN also points out that BSV has seen more trading in the last 24 hours than ABC by a factor of about $40 million, though as it points out this is likely largely speculative, and neither coin necessarilly has the adoption it would need for long term increases in value.

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