A true bloodbath for crypto, BTC trades below $3,800

06 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 06 Dec, 2018
by Joeri Cant
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A true bloodbath for crypto, BTC trades below $3,800

2018 is slowly but surely coming to an end, and in regards to a horrific crypto year, it cannot come to a close soon enough for the many crypto traders who are hurting out there. Prices are dipping once again, with the number one cryptocurrency trading well below $3,800. Time to look forward to 2019!

The entire cryptocurency universe is currently valued at just over $121 billion, while the top 100 is being dominated by the color red.

The number one cryptocurrency BTC is currently trading at $3,775, down -4.56% according to coinmarketcap.com, while maintaining its market dominance over 54.3%.

Bitcoin started the day near $4,000, however continued to fall until it reached its current price.

XRP the second biggest crypto by market cap, is trading at $0.33, down -4.21% in the past 24 hours, while having a current market cap of $13,6 Billion. XRP registered its lowest price this week, down from nearly $0.40 seven days ago.

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Ethereum can't seem to catch a break as its price is down -6.54% today and close to 14% this week. ETH is trading at $103 per coin and has dipped under the $100 psychological threshold a few times already today.

Many crypto experts believe that as blockchain becomes more widely adopted, the price and reputation of Ethereum will increase accordingly. 2019 could bring salvation to Ethereum.

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All the other coins in the Top 10 are all showing losses today, with BCH having lost the most with -10.62% down. Stellar, the current number 4, is down -6.85%, while EOS is showing similar losses of -7.36%.

The only top 10 coin that is showing some minor gains is BSV, up 1.07%, currently trading at $90.22.

DEX, which currently sits at spot number 72, won the title of 'Biggest loser of the day', down -21.94%, and trading at $0.27.

The top 5 gainers today are showing nice gains, in an otherwise bleeding market.

Twitter user, Crypto Quantamental, points out that the 'crypto botom' is near. Maybe Christmas comes early after all?

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