Update: First look at HTC's new blockchain smartphone, the Exodus 1

05 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 05 Dec, 2018
by David Robb
Update: First look at HTC's new blockchain smartphone, the Exodus 1

Leading smartphone manufacturer HTC is soon to debut its first crypto-enabled smartphone. The Exodus 1 was demonstrated for the first time at this year's Slush trade expo in Helsinki, Finland.

According to Phil Chen, an HTC exec dubbed its 'chief decentralization officer', the Exodus 1 is intended in part to to promote a more "open internet". He hopes that it will help users tackle what is referred to as a new "feudal system", claiming that "This thing that was open source became a railway to owning all of our digital identities, all of our digital personal data, and all of our digital assets."

The HTC Exodus 1 will allow users to easily access blockchain-based apps as well as providing a storage solution for their cryptocurrencies. They can keep their private keys safe in a secure enclave called Zion, which is separated from the rest of the phone's operating system.

This crypto storage solution is a significant improvement on most software-based wallets, although not quite at the level of the full hardware-based cold wallet offered by tech startup Siri Labs in its recently-released FINNEY, which is claimed to be the world's first blockchain phone.

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Litecoin creator Charlie Lee played a part in HTC's presentation, and the company announced that LTC will be accepted as payment for pre-orders of the new device, alongside BTC and ETH.

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