Seven EU countries sign a declaration to promote blockchain adoption

05 Dec, 2018
by Richard Allen
Seven EU countries sign a declaration to promote blockchain adoption

Seven EU states have decided to sign a declaration to promote the use of blockchain technology to pump the economy and provide more efficient government services, Coindesk reports.

Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain signed a joint declaration in Brussels on December 4 to promote the use of blockchain in the region to help bolster their economies. They also intend to collaborate on its development to become “A leading region in this sector.”

The Southern European countries see Distributed Ledger Technologies as a “game changer” in terms of enhancing e-government services as well as education, transport, healthcare and increasing transparency and reducing administrative burdens.

“We believe that any legislation on Distributed Ledger Technologies should take into account the decentralized nature of such technology and should be based on European fundamental principles and technological neutrality. It should also allow innovation and experimentations in order for the public and private sector to better understand the Distributed Ledger Technologies and to develop usecases,” the declaration states.

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