Ethereum Classic developer company victim of social attack shuts down

04 Dec, 2018
by Alberto Arnaldo
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Ethereum Classic developer company victim of social attack shuts down

ETCDEV, one of the groups of developers behind Ethereum Classic, announced today the shutdown of their operations. Igor Artamonov, founder and CTO of the development company, argued that funding operations was no longer possible due to the market crash and a cash crunch in the company.

The announcement sparked at first some negative reactions from the Twitter crypto community, as somed seemed to think that ETCDEV is an indispensable part for Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic official Twitter account jumped on the situation referring to the many other developer teams which are operating normally.

Even Vitalik Buterin, who seems to be keeping an eye on ETC, pointed out in Reddit that other developer teams were still running.


Financing issues from ETCDEV have been publicly shared several times by Artamonov. Only four days ago, on a Medium post he reported what he defined as a ‘social attack’ by Shanghai based Digital Finance Group (DFG). This blockchain and crypto investment business has provided support to Ethereum Classic on several occasions, such as a $250,000 US dollar grant to the ETC Cooperative.

According to Artamonov, representatives from DFG repeatedly insisted on being granted access to the ETCDEV Github, with the pretext of providing financial assistance. On the 30th of November, when they received the codes, all other owners were revoked. Further, the DFG representative also copied all the ETCDEV projects into his own repository. Finally, ETCDEV did not accept DFG's financial assistance, as they required a 'different approach to changes into ETC core tech' for doing so.

On the same Medium post, Artamonov also defined Darcy Reno as a ‘Trojan horse’. Reno was ETCDEV’s Program manager, and Artamonov claims that he has been hired by 'ETC Labs/DFG'. The leader of ETCDEV assumes the following motives for the operation:

It seems that they agreed that Darcy would bring ETCDEV under ETC Labs. He had all our short and long term plans, all contacts, and ETC Labs would get much more control over the protocol with him.

When ETCDEV twitted a security alert regarding the loss of ownership over Github, Darcy Reno replied arguing that it could be due to a misunderstanding or a mistake. However, revoking ownership on the platform is a four-step process which can hardly be completed by accident.

Be it as it may, Anthony Lusardi, director at the ETC Cooperative, differs with the account of Artamonov on how events took place, as he noted on Twitter:

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