McAfee gives advice on how to combat the SEC - "File a complaint with the FBI"

04 Dec, 2018
McAfee gives advice on how to combat the SEC - File a complaint with the FBI

McAfee has been extremely vocal about the recent clampdown on cryptocurrency ICOs and influencers that have previously advertised security tokens without the SEC's knowledge or consent. McAfee has offered some advice on the matter on how to combat the SEC.

McAfee made it clear yesterday that he would stand up to the SEC if they decided to come after him regarding the promotion of projects that were deemed securities. Recent news has seen the SEC clamp down on celebrities such as DJ Khaled and boxer Floyd Mayweather for promoting ICOs. 

McAfee yesterday tweeted that he was not at all worried about the SEC coming after him stating "Me? Worried about the SEC? I have openly, publicly and in the media ridiculed that corrupt, puss filled, bile dripping abcess on the fabric of America. Come for me SEC. I will, in every media outlet in this country, rip you a new asshole worthy of parking a tractor trailer in."

Recap: McAfee reacts to possible SEC enforcement stating "Come for me SEC"

McAfee has again lashed out at the SEC calling it a "seeping postule" that's "turning creativity, hard work and honest ventures into withered trophies."

McAfee today tweeted about how to fight back against the SEC stating "How to fight back? Here's one way: File a complaint with the FBI stating that a rogue agency of the US government has been extorting members of your community. Tell them you fear for your safety. Suggest the the agency was infiltrated by terrorists. Repeat with your local police."

Looks like McAfee is standing firm against the SEC, whether they come after him or not, it looks like he is ready to fight for crypto. 

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