Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup group welcomes both BCHABC and BSV supporters

02 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 02 Dec, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup group welcomes both BCHABC and BSV supporters

Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup Group stated their stance towards the recent BCH chain split. 

The Bitcoin Cash community in Tokyo has declared its stance towards the split of the cryptocurrency. In the meetup group, supporters of both BCHABC and BSV are still welcomed to come at the weekly gathering and special events.

The group can be considered as influential in the mass adoption of BCH in the country, with its member actively and successfully lobbying local businesses to support payment in BCH.

The decision to stay neutral after the latest hardfork is actually very different to what happened last year after the BTC/BCH split.

Back then, a new meetup night, which is the current Bitcoin Cash meetup group was formed soon after the split as it has led to heated arguments between the “true” Bitcoin and the then new Bitcoin Cash supporters in the old Bitcoin meetup group.

That said, such thing is unnecessary with the recent hardfork, despite some similarities with the previous one.

In a Medium release, the group stated that the recent split was not about goals as both BCH(ABC) and BSV still share the same original goals of Bitcoin Cash.

The last year’s split, on the other hand, is said to be highly-related to goals, as it brought an entirely new idea of using Bitcoin as a digital cash for the world rather than “nothing more than digital gold”.

Thus, the group clearly stated that they will “stand together, as a meetup and as a social group, to reject the divisiveness imparted on the community”.

The closed their statement by saying, “The chain has split, but we as a community still have a choice to remain united in pursuing peer to peer electronic cash for the world.”

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