Dash partners with global payments processor ePaymints to increase adoption

30 Nov, 2018
by Richard Allen
Dash partners with global payments processor ePaymints to increase adoption

According to a recent announcement, Dash has partnered with global payments provider ePaymints as part of an effort to increase mass adoption.

According to the announcement, Dash is hoping “to accelerate adoption of Dash cryptocurrency in high chargeback and cash based industries”. Chargeback refers to the return of funds to a  consumer, initiated by the consumer’s bank to settle a debt. ePaymints claims to have helped companies win back 65% - 92% of chargeback disputes.

Global Head of Business at Dash Core Group, Bradley Zastrow explained how the partnership will expand Dash’s market to reach those in need of payment solutions.

“Cash based and high chargeback industries pay much higher credit card fees on average, and that’s when they are lucky enough to get credit card acceptance – often that’s not an option. This is an obvious use case for Dash, and we’re proud to be recognized by ePaymints as the leading cryptocurrency positioned to solve these payment problems. Already, there are client integration consultations under way and together, we look forward to expanding the Dash ecosystem.”

ePaymints touts a large global network, processing international payments for 180 countries, in 143 currencies and has 43 partner banks.

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