Bitcoin searches on Google back on the rise

30 Nov, 2018
Bitcoin searches on Google back on the rise

The last few months has seen the popularity of bitcoin searches on Google drop to new lows as the hype appeared to have died down. However bitcoin appears to be turning a new leaf with Google searches back on the rise following the massive decline in price over the last few weeks. 

Bitcoin search results appear to be on the incline following the recent price drop, which now sees the price sitting around $4,300. 

The rise in bitcoin search results can be linked to the latest trading volume, which appears to be some of the biggest in bitcoins history. 

Recap: Did we just see "the biggest volume spike in the history of Bitcoin"?

Google searches of Bitcoin have begun trending upwards once again after months of decline in searches. Perhaps people are expecting another bull run like 2017 to occur soon? Or maybe the price is just to good for long term investors to ignore?

Either way, looks like bitcoins popularity is increasing once again, a good thing for the market long term. 

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