Kidnappers of Bitcoin miner arrested by Ukrainian police just days after incident

30 Nov, 2018 | Updated: 30 Nov, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
Kidnappers of Bitcoin miner arrested by Ukrainian police just days after incident

The kidnappers of a wealthy Bitcoin miner in Ukraine are reported to have successfully arrested by local authorities. 

Just a couple of days after a wealthy Bitcoin miner was reported being kidnapped, Bitsonline reported that the Ukrainian authorities have managed to arrest the criminals.

According to the official report of the Podolsky District prosecutor’s office, the criminals were hiding in a bush while waiting for the victim to come home.

They immediately ambushed him and brought him to a forest located on the town outskirt by a car, where they demanded him to surrender the key to his apartment and information about his crypto savings.

The victim then handed the key and also informed them the specific location of his cryptocurrency funds.

He was then released by the criminals after they managed to steal $50,000 from him.

Following the victim’s report, the local authorities began the investigation and eventually managed to arrest two brothers aged 30 and 34 as the suspects soon after.

Both are charged of planning an assault with the intention to rob and breaking into the victim’s property, which makes them face maximum of 15 years in prison and asset confiscation, according to the local law.

Similar incident was also reported to happen end of last year, when a Russian IT and blockchain specialist, Pavel Lerner was captured by a group of men while walking around the streets in Kyiv. 

Lerner was finally released after his relatives paid around $2 million ransom in Bitcoin. In his report to the local police, he stated that his kidnappers were government agents. 

These incidents add to the long list of Bitcoin-related physical crimes that happened to many unfortunate people around the world.

The list was created by a victim of the crime with the goal of creating a public awareness about the matter, which hopefully would also encourage many crypto investors or enthusiasts all around the world to pay more attention to their personal safety.

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