Most major coins are slightly down, as market recovery stalls

29 Nov, 2018
by David Robb
Price Action
Most major coins are slightly down, as market recovery stalls

After yesterday's huge rally, with most of the top 50 seeing double digit increases, the last 24 hours have seen a slight retreat. Bitcoin is still up, although most of the top 10 have suffered slight losses.

Total market cap / BTC dominance:

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The total crypto market cap has stayed more or less constant. At $138.3 billion, it is down less than $200 million for the 24h period. As most of the top 10 are down, BTC dominance is up to 54%.

Bitcoin (BTC) - $4,285.34 (1.02%)

BTC is up again for the 24h period, although an increase of just over 1 percent may not be enough to sustain the bullish sentiment from yesterday's big rally. However, the price reached a high of just over $4400 around 12 hours ago, which is the highest point it's seen in almost a week.

Top 10

Besides Bitcoin, most of the top 10 coins are down, with only Stellar (XLM) seeing gains of more than 1 percent (+2.16%). The EOS token has suffered the most in the last 24 hours, finishing -7.45% from where it was.

Zcash (ZEC) - $88.11 (11.41%) 

Image from Gyazo

The last 24 hours have been good for Zcash, which is up over 10 percent in the wake of its listing on Coinbase Pro. Its market cap has increased by over $60 million.

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