and Yahoo! Finance disagree on XRP's market cap

29 Nov, 2018
by David Borman
News and Yahoo! Finance disagree on XRP's market cap

A debate began on twitter today in response to Yahoo! Finance updating their total coin market cap for Ripple (XRP), putting it at over double the market cap reported on This led to discussion and a response from the popular market tracking site.

This obviously led to a bit of anger in the notoriously opinionated world of crypto twitter:

However many were quick to point out that Yahoo! was calculating total supply of XRP while CMC was only reporting circulating supply.

Which is along the lines of what CMC themselves responded with, providing a link to their Methodology page:

All in all, it sounds like two differing ways of displaying the data, and perhaps we are overreacting to very little. If any nefarious price representation is found, you can bet Chepicap will be here to report it!

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