McAfee plays with the bottom: 'Today is a good day to buy'

29 Nov, 2018 | Updated: 29 Nov, 2018
by Alberto Arnaldo
McAfee plays with the bottom: 'Today is a good day to buy'

Cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee believes that price action during the last 48 hours starts to point out towards a recovery. He recommended to his almost 900,000 Twitter followers to jump in the trend, and even admitted that his company is currently doing so.

The multifaceted programmer, businessman and Twitter agitator has just reflected on the current comeback of crypto markets, celebrating the second day of climbing prices while making a hint at recommending investors to step in:

The 10% or more, around $500 increase in Bitcoin price along the last two days has triggered the optimism of many members of the community, and McAfee is no exception. User @galicianoctopus enquired on whether he was taking the opportunity himself, and McAfee replied affirmatively.

Although most of the thread participants seemed to agree with McAfee, and some even stated that they were also buying in, there were certainly some cautious opinions as well:

The fact that he is admits to be jumping into the market now adds some extra credibility to his advice. However, McAfee is commonly identified as a crypto-bull, and some of his most well-known predictions seem to be on the path for a miss.

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