TenX co-founder Julian Hosp gives advice for current state of market

27 Nov, 2018
TenX co-founder Julian Hosp gives advice for current state of market

TenX co-founder and doctor, Julian Hosp recently took to twitter to give his opinion as to what crypto investors should be doing right now with the current market seeing a major downturn.

Hosp tweeted that he had been bombarded with messages asking for advice on what investors should currently be doing. In the tweet Hosp replies "I can NOT tell you what you should do, but I tell you what I did 3 years ago with similar sentiment, press and attitude:"

In the follow up tweet, Hosp explains that investors should put 5-10% of their money that they can afford to invest into bitcoin. Then wait for it to either tank to zero or moon to $100,000. The doctor explains "If you can live with either scenario, you will be fine."

While the advice might seem somewhat basic. The idea to invest only what you can afford to lose, stands true. The upside potential of seeing your investment potentially moon to $100,000 in the long run would greatly benefit investors. 

However the risk of it potentially dropping to 0 always remains, albeit a small chance as most experts would admit. 

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Safe advice? Investing 5-10% on your investment fund in BTC for the long term?

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