Three hackers allegedly stole $5 million worth of crypto in Bulgaria

27 Nov, 2018 | Updated: 11 Dec, 2018
by Colin Hawkins
Three hackers allegedly stole $5 million worth of crypto in Bulgaria

Three crypto thieves in Bulgaria have been apprehended by authorities for reportedly stealing $5 million in crypto, as reported by the 24 Chasa newspaper, November 26.

The Bulgarian Gendarmerie forces and specialized prosecutors have seized $3 million in crypto and the equipment used to steal this crypto. The wide array of equipment used by the thieves include computers, flash drives and a hardware portfolio for the storage of crypto data and the names and locations of crypto accounts. Some of the other items seized by authorities include purchases made by the thieves with the stolen crypto, such as a car that was worth about 60k in the local Bulgarian Lev (BGN) currency or around $35k in U.S. dollars.

The three hackers reportedly stole the crypto by using new hacking methods and specialized software for their approach, as reported by prosecutors. The apprehension of these hackers comes after a 5 month investigation in which they were informed about the first cases of the alleged scam.

Crypto scams happen worldwide via various methods frequently. Just last week a 21 year old was arrested for stealing $1 Million worth of crypto through a SIM swapping hacking technique, as reported by Chepicap. The New York man’s hacking technique consisted on stealing cell phone numbers to reveal online financial and social media accounts. The 21 year old is facing charges for 21 different felony counts.

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