Ethereum killer?: Justin Sun encourages ETH developers to switch to TRON

26 Nov, 2018 | Updated: 26 Nov, 2018
by Will Heasman
Ethereum killer?: Justin Sun encourages ETH developers to switch to TRON

Rivalries between competing cryptocurrencies are expected and outdoing the opponent and showboating is nothing new, but what about recruiting the opposition? Justin Sun just gave Ethereum (ETH) devs 4 reasons why they should make the leap over to TRON.

When it comes to Etheum killers Tron, is certainly up there; the proof, it seems, is in the pudding, and if the pudding is Dapp transaction volume then Tron is looking mighty tasty. TRONbet - a Dapp that seems to be lifting Tron from obscurity to prominence-, cited as many, if not more transactions in October than the entire Ethereum network's 500,000 individual transactions.

Tron’s Dapp platform is also vastly outdoing Ethereums IDEX, with Tron netting around 551,700 In daily transaction volume and ETH recording a mere 9,120.

Furthermore, Tron has grown exponentially in the past year, currently sitting at 1.6 million daily transactions, compared to ETH’s 500,000  


Following Sun's comments Tron's loyal followers took to Twitter to provide support:

Others saw it as a call to arms:

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