Is Roger Ver misleading investors?

25 Nov, 2018
by Will Heasman
Is Roger Ver misleading investors?, the website owned and ran by Bitcoin Cash aficionado and propagator, Roger Ver. Spend one minute browsing the website and you’ll notice that unlike its name suggests, it's actually very pro Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The reason for this is that Ver, among others in the BCH community, firmly believes that BCH is the true representative of the original Bitcoin (BTC) protocol. However, there are many who disagree, and some are even objecting to Ver’s marketing techniques. 

The offended parties specifically point to the purchasing section of the website, which far from letting an investor make an unbiased decision of their own, tries to sway customers into buying BCH in instead, by tagging it as "recommended" 

This isn’t the first time Ver has found himself in hot water for his marketing tactics. As reported by Bitcoinist back in April, a group littered with notable names such as Chalie Shrem, Alistair Milne and Pierre Rochard, aimed to bring a lawsuit against Ver and The group claimed that the wallet misled Bitcoin holders into thinking it was a client for BTC rather than BCH. When sending funds to the wallet may users lost their BTC because it was, in fact, a BCH client.

The lawsuit subsequently fell apart due to a donation shortfall. 

More recently, In a somewhat questionable act, Ver decided to divert hash power from his BTC mining pool to power Bitcoin cash instead, a tactic devised in order to win Bitcoin ABC a majority in the ongoing Bitcoin cash hashwar.

Crypto Twitter wasn't shy when sharing how it felt about the situation:  

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Is Roger Ver misleading Investors?

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