'Hash Wars or Ego Wars?' Ran NeuNer talks to Roger Ver and Craig Wright

23 Nov, 2018
by Joeri Cant
'Hash Wars or Ego Wars?' Ran NeuNer talks to Roger Ver and Craig Wright

In his latest video release, CNBC Cryptotrader host Ran NeuNer, explores all things related to the cryptocurrency industry, while taking a closer look into the controversy of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and putting both Roger Ver and Craigh Wright in the spotlights in the same video, although not in the same room.

Ran NeuNer takes a further look into the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and considers the thoughts and opinions of a few other crypto influencers like Vinny Lingham, Preston Byrne, Anthony Pompliano and Aumery Sechet.

Previously, Amaury Sechet, the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, had said that the hard fork had promised a lot of things but ended up being a disappointment.

Speaking to Ran, the developer touched upon the fact that since the ABC team had trumped the SV team in terms of the number of blocks mined and Proof of Stake, a lot of threats and attacks can be expected.

'We all know how Craig Wright functions. There will surely be a lot of threats from his side as well as the SV team. After the entire hard fork debate, he has even started attacking Ripple’s XRP, which means he is just out there to seek attention.'

Sechet further claims that Wright and his team still have enough hash power to create turbulence on the Bitcoin Cash network.

'The ABC team is definitely cautious about attacks and threats from the opposite team. We are also working very closely with miners to make sure that any sort of change does not happen. The SV team can try something but we will definitely do our best to make sure the network is safe.'

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