"Germany declared victory in 1941": Wright claims fight isn't over, Ver disagrees

22 Nov, 2018
by David Robb
Germany declared victory in 1941: Wright claims fight isn't over, Ver disagrees

In a recent episode of Ran Neuner's CNBC Africa show Crypto Trader, the host interviewed Craig S. Wright as well as Roger Ver. Both gave their thoughts on the recent hash war, as well as the market crash.

Ver claimed that the hash war was a victory for BCH ABC, as most websites and exchanges as well as services like BitPay are supporting his fork. For his part, CSW pointed out that "Germany declared victory in 1941".

Addressing claims about the centralization of his and other cryptos, Ver admitted that he controls around 30 percent of the total Bitcoin Cash hashing power, but this amounts to just 5 percent of the mining power on the Bitcoin blockchain which his token uses. He also insisted that individual miners are free to do what they want with their rigs.

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He stated that he had no problem with the BCH SV project, but he wished it would stop trying to "kick over other people's sandcastles" and focus on its own development.

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Meanwhile, CSW staunchly refused to admit defeat. He claimed that his mining pool was now mining Bitcoin (BTC), selling it off, and using the rewards to pay for BCH hashing power. When asked about the impact on the markets, Wright admitted that this dumping activity was likely driving the prices down, but that this was "not the goal, it's just a consequence".

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When asked directly by Neuner when the hash wars would be over and the markets would be allowed to recover, 'Faketoshi' insisted that he wasn't driving down the market, but "the casino". He claimed that focus on Bitcoin prices and the use of crypto as an investment opportunity is getting in the way of its everyday adoption as digital cash.

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