Binance CEO: "2019 will be the year for crypto adoption"

21 Nov, 2018
by Alberto Arnaldo
Binance CEO: 2019 will be the year for crypto adoption

Institutional investments, future plans and more were all in the agenda of a recent interview with CZ. He talked about cooperation between different parts of the sector and also about his goals for developing Binance.

In an interview before the latest market crash, Changpeng Zhao discussed with The Street his current and future views.

Looking back at the year that will soon end, CZ labelled it as a ‘build year’, and is somehow satisfied with the current downtrend. If the bears would not have taken over, Binance would have had a tough time dealing with the increase in volume and users, he admitted.

Regarding the much-expected influx of institutional capital, the 41-year-old February cover man of Forbes magazine said that the largest volumes are coming in from the U.S., but he also mentioned that institutional adoption is faster in Europe, where regulations were stricter.

In regards to Asia, CZ praised the regulatory environment in Singapore, while saying that institutional investment in China is small even in the stock market.

His plans for the next year are about increasing cryptocurrency adoption. Binance CEO believes that this should be a shared effort across the ecosystem, as any growth in the industry is good for everybody.

However, he didn’t delve into any specific actions on this direction, as the exchange strategy is normally defined on a short-term basis, sometimes even planning ahead just for weeks.

As a future vision for Binance, CZ stated that he wants “people to think of it as a verb, just like Google. Google used to be a name; now I ‘google’ something”. Will he manage to take his company one step further?

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