Binance CEO briefly talks about previous BTC crash - "Well, I am still here"

21 Nov, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Binance CEO briefly talks about previous BTC crash - Well, I am still here

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao love to have his fe minutes on twitter to engage with his customers and fans of Binance. Recently the CEO posted a tweet about when he had to endure a previous BTC crash in the market. 

In the tweet, CZ briefly mentions that in 2015, he had just sold his house and invested in BTC at $600 each. The market then plummeted to $200 per coin. CZ relates his tweet to the bear market all investors are currently dealing with and in essence, his tweet is a message that everyone will be fine in the long run quoting "Well, I am still here." 

CZ does not go into more detail as the busy man states "too busy with work to tell that (lame) story in detail. Today is a busy day."

While the big man at Binance tries to ease the pain of investors who have watched bitcoin drop over 75% over the course of 2018, his message clearly shows that over time, bitcoin will get past this hurdle. 

CZ states the basic facts for all his followers:

The Binance CEO believes the best thing a business can do in a market like this is to put your head down and just keep building.

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