Larry Cermak, head analyst at The Block, calls out TenX as a scam

19 Nov, 2018
by David Borman
Larry Cermak, head analyst at The Block, calls out TenX as a scam

Larry Cermak is the head analyst at The Block, and according to Bitcoin Exchange Guide, he recently called out the project team of TenX for being a scam and not delivering to investors. Dr. Julian Hosp responded by pointing out that the value has actually risen when compared against Ether, which is what the ICO used for purchasing PAY, the token of the TenX network.

Larry Cermak has made the claim that the PAY token is down 93% from its all time high. This, in conjunction with a still unavailable crypto credit card as well as Dr. Julian Hosp's previous history of working for a pyramid scheme, has made Cermak claim that the TenX project is effectively a scam.

In response to this attack, Dr. Julian Hosp took to twitter to claim the value of his token was in fact up:

As for the cards, Hosp claims that they will be issued shortly, however Cermak has pointed out he has been saying exactly this since January.

Lastly, it seems Hosp has a history of working with Lyoness, a multi level marketing organization that has been investigated for basically perpetuating a ponzi scheme. However it is unclear what role he actually played in any of it.

Ultimately users will have to decide for themselves if they have any faith in TenX or its services. As usual, stick right here with Chepicap for any and all updates!

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