US Homeland Security funds blockchain, $800,000 per accepted proposal

19 Nov, 2018
by Joeri Cant
US Homeland Security funds blockchain, $800,000 per accepted proposal

According to Cryptoslate, the Department of Homeland Security published a solicitation call to contractors who can develop blockchain powered solutions to key government problems. Accepted proposals would receive up to $800,000 in government funding.

The Department of Homeland Security, which is responsible for U.S. public security, anti-terrorism, border security, cybersecurity, and disaster prevention efforts, put out the call on November 15th.

The agency is looking to identify proposals that can solve problems around government issued certificates, licenses, attestations, storage and management, issuance and verification, and ease-of-use of government credentials.

The Department of Homeland Security is convinced that blockchain and distributed ledgers have the potential to improve government processes and positively impact U.S. citizens.

'Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, from a government perspective, holds the potential for enhanced transparency and auditing of public service operations, greater visibility into multi-party business operations, and automation of paper-based processes to improve delivery of services to organizations and citizens.'

The agency believes that the blockchain technology could potentially deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to public security and is open to implementing solutions to all of its major operational divisions, including customs and border protection, citizenship and immigration, and transportation security.

'All technology developed will be publicly documented, patent-free, royalty-free, available to all, and free to implement using widely available and supported programming languages.'

Selected contractors will be eligible for up to $800,000 in funding split over four phases.

The deadline for the first round of proposals closes January 11, 2019.

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