mining pool shifts to BCH, joining in on the hash war

18 Nov, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
News mining pool shifts to BCH, joining in on the hash war CEO Jiang Zhuoer announced yesterday that the mining pool is shifting its hash power over to BCH, supporting the ABC blockchain, which may bring an end to the BCH hash war.

CCN reports that has more hash power than the entirety of BCH SV currently represents, meaning that has the resources to bring the contentious and contested hard fork drama to an end. BCH SV is currently a number of blocks behind ABC, with larger block size, so is already losing the hash war. Nonetheless, BCH SV was reportedly closing the hash rate gap in a bid to outpace them. 

Zhouer hasn’t said how long he will shift the mining pool to support ABC, but he notes that the goal is to ‘end the chaos,’ so presumably will be mining BCH ABC until the SV camp concedes defeat, though the SV contingent, represented most publicly by Craig Wright and the CoinGeek mining pool, have indicated that they will not give up before they have to. While certainly will give BCH SV a lot of firepower, and ABC still remains the chalk bet, a number of exchanges have included both blockchains as tickers, and the future of BCH is not yet set in stone.

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