The market is building on its earlier improvement, XRP up over 7%

18 Nov, 2018
by Richard Allen
The market is building on its earlier improvement, XRP up over 7%

The market has built on its slight improvement yesterday, bring the total market cap up to $185 billion. While it may be nothing groundbreaking, it's still an improvement.

Bitcoin still showing mainly sideways movement with a 0.84% increase. Inching its way back, BTC is trading at $5,592.66. Bitcoin’s dominance is fairly steady at 52.5%.

Meanwhile, XRP is rallying 7.3% following the news of the first ETF being approved in Switzerland, which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. All the coins listed are in the green, save for Bitcoin Cash which is in 1.49% the red, though showing much improvement after yesterday. Bitcoin Cash is currently trading at $383.77, while XRP is worth $0.514.

Stellar and Monero are both showing nice improvements as well, climbing 3.71% and 3.51%, trading at $0.251 and $88.80 respectively.

Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether also showing mainly sideways movement, all of which are up below 1%. ETH is trading at $175.62, Litecoin is worth $42.31 apiece, while Tether closes in on the $1 mark, now valued at $0.99.

Insight Chain ranked at 96 on CoinmarketCap is today’s biggest loser having shed nearly 7% of its value. Sitting just one position above is today’s biggest winner, as Digitex Futures leaps 38.18%.

It’s still early days, but with a bit of luck this will be the start of some proper consolidation. Only time will tell.

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