Satoshi's vision?: Bitcoin Cash prophesied by Satoshi Nakamoto

18 Nov, 2018
by Will Heasman
Satoshi's vision?: Bitcoin Cash prophesied by Satoshi Nakamoto

It appears the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin foresaw the emergence of a fork of Bitcoin and judging by his comments, he didn’t think it would end too well…

This is according to a thread from Bitcointalk, a website which Satoshi was known to frequent.

The thread was originally created by Gavin Andresen, an early Bitcoin developer, and Bitcoin cash supporter.

The post detailed Andresen's goal to understand Bitcoin “exactly how Bitcoin works”. Within the thread, Andresen relays worries over the complexity of Bitcoin’s scripting language citing security concerns, adding that “it also makes it harder to create a second, compatible implementation.  But I think I can get over that.”

Evidently, he didn’t get over it…

Satoshi responded to Andresen, giving his thoughts on a forked version of Bitcoin.

“If the second version screwed up, the user experience would reflect badly on both, although it would at least reinforce to users the importance of staying with the official version.  If someone was getting ready to fork a second version, I would have to air a lot of disclaimers about the risks of using a minority version.  This is a design where the majority version wins if there's any disagreement, and that can be pretty ugly for the minority version and I'd rather not go into it, and I don't have to as long as there's only one version.”.

Luckily Satoshi hasn’t been around to witness the recent disputes within the Bitcoin Cash camps (…or have they?).  

The ongoing feuds between various proponents of bitcoin cash seem to have ravaged the cryptocurrency landscape and have even been attributed as the cause of the recent market dip; a dip that saw 20 billion wiped off the industry’s global market cap.

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