Satoshi Nakamoto tweet sparks debate over its authenticity

17 Nov, 2018
by Richard Allen
Satoshi Nakamoto tweet sparks debate over its authenticity

Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin whitepaper and creator of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, appears to have tweeted yesterday, 16 November leading to questions in the crypto community.

Rather cryptic, the tweet refers to a bug within Bitcoin’s code. Apparently, the bug is important enough to Nakamoto that he would risk revealing his identity. Questions have begun circulating in the community regarding whether the real author of the Bitcoin whitepaper would have gone about this in such a way.

The tweet came at a time when Bitcoin’s price had sunk over 13% in a week. However, the way the tweet was worded has left many wondering if it really is Satoshi Nakamoto, or if someone is just using the pseudonym as a means to troll the community.

One Twitter user commented that the strange use of commas in the tweet remind him of a certain Australian, but another user feels as if it’s more likely that the tweet originated from someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language.

Other users have suggested that the account actually belongs to Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed author of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Ultimately, the community remain unconvinced that this is the real Satoshi Nakamoto and feel as if it’s far more likely Craig Wright is behind the tweet, especially since the account was opened in May of this year. Several Twitter users have suggested that it’s nothing more than fake news.

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