VCs going big on blockchain gaming, Mythical Games gets $16M funding

17 Nov, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
VCs going big on blockchain gaming, Mythical Games gets $16M funding

Blockchain gaming seems to really attract venture capitals, new gaming platform, Mythical Games gets $16M funds.

With Fortnite is reported to have earned $1 billion from in-game purchases alone, venture capitals are eyeing blockchain gaming platforms to include them on their portfolio.

The latest news coming from EOSIO-based gaming, Mythical Games that managed to receive $16 million in a funding led by Galaxy Digital. 

The team consists of many renowned names in the gaming industry, such as John Linden, Stephan Cunningham and Rudy Kock, who plans to develop Mythical Games with “player-owned economies” in mind.

The concept of the games according to Tech Crunch is a game where “user-generated content and intimate ties between players, content creators, brands and developers is the norm”.

This is not the first time for a blockchain gaming platform to receive huge fundings from VCs. Just weeks ago, Epic Games managed to raise $1.25 billion in a new round of funding.

The future of blockchain gaming looks quite promising and many parties seem to agree with that.

In the past couple of months alone, various games have been reported to have been built on different blockchain platforms, such as Plair on VeChain, Magic Cube on NEO, Magic Academy on TRON, and BlockMagic on Ethereum.

DApp platform, Waves even incentivized game developers to build on their platform by offering $2 million.

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