Steem hits 1 million accounts

17 May, 2018
by Conor Maloney
Steem hits 1 million accounts

The millionth account was created on the Steem blockchain earlier today, with over a million transactions performed daily as well.

60,000 unique accounts transact daily on the blockchain, and there are currently over 250,000 daily visitors

A Cambridge study suggests that there are approximately 2.9 - 5.8 million unique users of cryptocurrency wallets, and that the number is set to grow epxonentially. Steem may be well-positioned to provide a service to those accounts and attract new visitors to the growing space as it continues to establish itself as an industry name.

With more entrepreneurs learning about the Steem blockchain, the potential for application development continues to look promising as well, and several apps like,, and are already live. 

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