McAfee discusses Satoshi on twitter, meanwhile found liable in neighbors death

16 Nov, 2018
by David Borman
McAfee discusses Satoshi on twitter, meanwhile found liable in neighbors death

It's been a busy day for John McAfee news. For one, he has just been found liable for the 2012 death of his neighbor in Belize, reports The Register. As that unfolds, he has also taken to twitter to imply not only that Craig Wright is not the real Satoshi, but that McAfee himself knows who Satoshi is.

In 2012 John McAfee's neighbor, Gregory Faull, was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the back of the head. He had recently filed a formal complaint against McAfee for, amongst other things, firing off his guns. After his death, Faull's family brought a civil case against McAfee.

McAfee apparently didn't do anything to engage in the legal process, not even hiring himself a lawyer. Therefore, a Florida district court delivered a default verdict and found McAfee "liable" for the death. It has not yet been decided what the damages will be.

McAfee now has taken to twitter not to talk about this, but to explain how Craig Wright isn't Satoshi, but that McAfee knows who is:

This of course led to a very spirited series of responses from twitter:

And of course many people claiming that he was blowing hot air:

Although the vast majority of responses were some form of asking McAfee if he was in fact Satoshi to which he invariably replied some form of "No sir."

It's clear that even if McAfee knows who Satoshi is, he isn't telling. However you can be sure if he ever does slip up you'll hear about it right here at Chepicap!

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So once again, who is Satoshi?

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